Dylan Marx is a composer, musician, engineer and educator. His work ranges from experiments in recording, research, archival sampling, and poetry. Working collaboratively, he’s recorded and produced albums for, as well as accompanied, many artists, primarily based in the Los Angeles area. He has also scored multiple films, written music for several dance pieces, and currently maintains a teaching practice. He received his BA in Music Composition and Electronic Music Productionfrom UC Santa Cruz and his MFA in Experimental Sound Practices and Integrated Media from CalArts.





Selected Performances

Nomadic City

                                                                               Selected Encantarri from the Nomadic City

A Dove is a Pigeon is a Dove

A Dove is a Pigeon is a Dove is soundwalk made for Soundwave SF’s Translocality Festival. The walk is speculative documentation of a pigeon’s stroll through Golden Gate Park, a place that once had several pigeons but now has very few. Starting on the sidewalk in the Richmond District and ending on the sidewalk in the Inner Sunset, the walk is made up of sounds recorded on site from a late summer day, and can be heard using the Echos app. Each recording is a 1-5 minute looped audio documentation of the space (recorded at pigeon height). As the participant walks along the path with headphones, the sound of the recordings will play and mix with the live sounds of the walk, juxtaposing memory with the present day. In addition to the sounds, every other space contains a musing on the rock dove, as well as on the concept of infrasound, a tool the birds use to navigate their environments. Participants are invited to reflect on their own experiences with Golden Gate Park, as well as their relationship to the common pigeon.